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Infinity RS 1001

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Hello: Recently I was gifted with 4 Infinity RS 1001's. They needed a little furniture polish and a sound test. I have two HTPC's and the one in my bedroom is an Acer SV with a pentium 4 processor. It's very quiet running. My HT receiver is a Sony STR-K670P. I connected this receiver to my "gifted" Infinity speakers and I must say, the sound is amazing! Bear in mind, I use a Cambridge SoundWorks Sub & Center speaker in this setup. These speakers, the Infinity are at least 10 years old. Anyone out there use these speakers today??


Vista Ultimate 32 bit/ Intel e5300 cpu/ ECS G41T-M2 mainboard/Diamond XS Dac/line-in to Insignia Amp/ Cambridge SoundWorks meets Infinity RS1001\'s

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