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Value of Amarra EQ Feature

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I have been auditioning Amarra Mini. I have compared it to Pure Music, Fidelio, and Audirvana. The sound quality of Mini is so superb that I am going to purchase the product (notwithstanding the ease-of-use issues). Given the price cut now in effect, I am considering purchasing the full Amarra instead of Mini. As I understand it, the primary difference between Amarra Mini and Amarra is the EQ feature. For those with Amarra, do you find the EQ feature to be that valuable? Does it detract in any way from the sound quality? Are there any other differences that might justify the additional cost? (I know that Amarra is available for an audition. But the price deals supposedly expire on November 15, and I do not expect to have time to really play with the EQ to get a good handle on its benefits. I am hoping that those who have had the time to explore its virtues can give me informed guidance.)


Also, I have seen mentions of an expected November 15 upgrade to the Amarra packages. But these mentions have not indicated about what will be addressed in the upgrade. Does anyone know for sure that the upgrade will be released and what it will include?


Thanks in advance for any responses.


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Amarra Mini includes a three-band parametric EQ, which should be more than enough for most residential/audiophile uses. My understanding is that the quality of the EQ in Mini is the same as the full version, the full version just has more bands, controls, and flexibility.


I have found the Amarra Mini EQ to be remarkably transparent and after living with it for awhile now wouldn't want to be without it.




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in some measurement gear, then you can use the full EQ to smooth frequency response in your room. In most domestic set ups, with most (even very, very good) loudspeakers, you will have some uneven areas of frequency response. By making measurements, and then adjusting the EQ, you can smooth out the in room response, and this will make improvements in your sound.

I think Amarra still offers the ability to upgrade if you purchase the Mini, right? If so, you could still purchase mini now, and upgrade at a later date if you decide you want to pursue full EQ use.


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BUT, before you purchase, be aware it is very buggy. They are releasing a "fixed" version on Nov 15 according to a reply to my complaints supposedly fixing all the bugs. As soon as compared Amarra to PM and Audirvana Plus, from my perspective, I was sold on SQ.


As to the EQ I give you a link:




Some great calculations and links to help you with your room.


From my perspective the only EQ of any benefit are room nodes and Mini should be beneficial for most.




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