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Mac Mini and Time Capsule Question

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Sorry if this has been discussed by someone else but here goes.


I wish to use a Mac Mini with a Time Capsule and use the Time Capsule soully to store my Aiff Itunes library, is it possible to just plug the time capsule into the Mac Mini to speed transfer times up please?, rather than plug the cables i to my BT Router, I don't want to use time capsule for back up I use a Mybook for that


Thanks Wayne


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You can use an ethernet cable to speed things up.


However, if you use a memory player like Audirvana, you won't need to.


If you haven't yet purchased a time capsule, you would be better off with a standard external drive and an Airport Extreme. (Check the reviews for Time Capsule on Apple's web site if you don't believe me.)


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As you rightly said you can connect the Capsule to the Mini directly but i have run into a problem the Light flashes annoyingly when there is no internet connection supplied to the Wan , how can i disable this please?, i have had to connect it to the internet to allow a steady green light to be shown when i remove the ethernet cable once again the light flashes but i can transfer files to the Capsule no problem what so ever, can any kind soul tell me how to stop this please, i dont need wireless access or internet via the capsule thanks.


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I would agree with wgscott. I use a Mac Mini with 2 hard drives. One is connected via a Firewire cable to the Mac. I use this to back up my entire computer using the Time Machine software included with the Mac. I have another smaller usb connected hard drive I use for storing music files. I place the music files into the usb drive by selecting it as the target drive when I rip or download music. I think using regular hard drives is less expensive and in my experience quite reliable.


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