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Qobuz streaming service

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Some of us here are big fans of Qobuz. This download site is my go to. They are a quality driven music and gear provider. Today they announced a 16/44 flac streaming music service. Unlimited, for €29 a month/€299 a year.

If you can read French or use google translate do yourself a favor and check them out. As always, I am just a fan - not a shill.


It seems that this new product is not yet on their website www.qobuz.com. I'm looking at an eMail offer that I just received.


Update: Just found a good description of the new service on their Facebook blog.


Update 2: Here is the link to the new service:




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I feel very lucky to speak French...

I discovered them about a month ago and I already have bought several albums. The editorial content is AMAZING.


This is an amazing place. There is NO equivalent anywhere.


And now the streaming service - YES!


Go Qobuz!


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Qobuz! Very Serious!


This really deserves attention.


So Qobuz are now streaming digital cd quality on demand. You download a fairly simple but perfectly adequate player and if you can work Itunes or JRiver or equiv - off you go.


I think this is really a game changer. I guess streaming of CD quality was inevitable but it still took me by surprise that it is here, now! Files are readily streamed in real time and Qobuz' catalogue is truly vast.


Do I now sign up for a few $$ a month or continue collecting hundreds of cds (costing more than a few $$ a month)? Why collect? Apart from owning my own collection (now all on hard disk anyway) - why bother???


As it happens I've purchased the majority of my music via Qobuz over the last year (including quite a bit of high res.). So yesterday I signed up for the free 24 hour trial - almost any cd I could think of and a lot I didn't know about was there...... Fairport Convention - 39 albums with FP tracks - instantly had access to albums I'd never got around to buying over the years. Brian Eno - 150 albums - good heavens, there's no way I can include even a fraction of his work in my "collection".


OK so apart from the Candy Shop thing, I've already found albums and versions I never knew existed - and have bought a couple (ok my gathering instinct probably isn't going to abate any time soon actually).


Wondered why the version of the "Greatest Hits" isn't quite what you remembered - try the original ..."oh, they mucked with it......".


Seriously afaik, this is the first real, album oriented, audiophile acknowledging (no not a pure audiophile site but recognising we exist and recognising the market - and the better for it)operating with this quality and service. I don't know that you can use Asio or Wasapi with it yet, but knowing Qobuz, this will just be a matter of time.


One final note - I'm none to sure that it is available directly outside France - you may need to admit to a French address...... not sure on that detail.


No - I'm no shill - in NZ actually and the French bombed a ship in our harbour not that long ago, so no love lost - but we beat them at the rugby :0)








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