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Best way to hook-up my CAPS 2.0 server

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I will receive my new CAPS 2.0 server any day that I ordered from Small Green Computer. I have been contemplating getting a new DAC that is capable of a USB at 24/192. I currently have a PS Audio Digital Link iii DAC which I believe limits the USB input to 16/48. I could use the SoTM Digital Interface to convert to a SPDIF connection and go as high 24/96(limited by my current DAC) or buy a new DAC. I will say that I do like the sound of my PS Audio DAC but feel that the high resolution recordings I have would better served with no limitations. I only have a budget of $1500 to $2000 for a new DAC and am have a hard time coming to a conclusion. Seems like there is a new DAC released every day. I would appreciate any feedback or personal experience someone has. Thank you in advance for your time!!


PS. Chris, if you have a chance, I am very interested in your opinion.




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I have the same DAC. There are a number of USB to S/PDIF converters out there that will get you to 24/96 for much less than the cost of a new DAC. I bought the Bel Canto USB Light Link and like it very much. Something to consider.


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