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M2 EVO interface and Bryston BDA-1....Can somebody explain this

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I compared playing hi-res files through the USB input of the Bryston DAC (only allows upto 48khZ) and AES/EBU inputs (AES/EBU output from M2hiface EVO). Even though the AES/EBU inputs in my Bryston support 192 kHz, sonically a direct connection from the computer to the bryston USB sounded better even with files greater than 96kHz (I am surprised as the USB in bryston is limited to 48kHz and I thought for hi res files using USB/SPDIF converter with input to the Bryston AES/EBU will be better).


Is this a limitation of the M2EVO USB/SPDIF converter?

or just the fact that a good USB DAC will sound better on most occasions if one bypasses the USB/SPDIF converter step?


Appreciate any input.


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