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Asus EEE Top- Touchscreen XP based computer

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Just got sent an email from ebuyer.com and it contained this Asus computer




Looks interesting, seems to have most things necessary, is £440 (and of course no monitor necessary), and is available in white/black. Not for me as I have a mac mini at the moment, but perhaps one to consider for XP fans? I guess USB dacs/transports only though.


What do you think?



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They're around 200 quid without tochscreen.


They'll cope with 720p video playback too.


If you use digi out or USB DAC, have external optical drive and an external hard drive they've a lot going for them.


Factor in drive costs and you go a long way to getting a real PC. There's little scope for expansion either. On the other hand they're unobtrusive, near silent, and consume very little power. All HTPC plusses.


Would they work well on a network as a controller where media is held on another PC and streams via EEE PC to hifi?


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Seems like that might be a better solution, certainly as a headless server where you don't need to spend £200+ on a screen.


Though if you do need a screen, and like the touch interface, it seems like a good deal- my little 7 inch touchscreen was £150 if memory serves. Anyway, just thought I'd flag it up in case anyone was interested.





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