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Windows 8 SQ improvements over Win 7


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Has anyone been brave enough to investigate the Windows 8 developer preview on their music server to check out any SQ improvements over Windows 7? The guys over at the JPlay forum have reported tangible improvements over Windows 7 SP1 which I found very interesting if not a bit surprising. It would be interesting to see if these improvements were specific only to JPlay or if all players benefit from the 'upgrade'. As always I imagine any improvement will be system dependent to some degree.


I downloaded it yesterday and attempted to install on my lounge rig today but gave up after four attempts as I kept getting a rather annoying unhanded exception with a very unhelpful generic, non specific error message. Unfortunately I never got as far as listening and I'm considering hanging fire for a few weeks till MS have got the glitches ironed out. I did find the UI a little unintuitive to be honest and had to Google to find how to shut it down which can't be good! Incredibly you've got to go to 'settings' which is the last place I would have looked.


Chris C - It would be interesting to get your perspective on the difference the upgrade brings to the CAPS v2, which you must be very familiar with by now.





Win7Pro64[JRMC17>JPlay4.1(Throttle)] > AQ Cinnamon > John Kenny SabreDAC > Denon AH-D2000s

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