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Laptop fan too loud

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I recently put together my first computer-based system (components listed in signature). I am happy with all of my purchases, but, after listening to a ton of music in the past month, I have to concede that I never realized how distracting a laptop fan can be when listening to a really good stereo.


For a "music server," I decided to go with a nice, well-reviewed desktop-replacement laptop from Asus. The computer has great features, and I admit that it has run well.


But dang, sometimes, I feel the need set it on the floor on the other side of the room... just to get the computer's fan away from my ears. I then use an Android app to run Foobar. Obviously, this isn't the smoothest setup, and it limits my use of the computer.


I'm sure the laptop is quiet relative to a desktop pc, but it really is an annoyance when closely listening to classical or jazz.


I now understand why many of you use alternative setups, and it is why I'm starting to think about different ways to use my system, e.g. connecting a monitor and external mouse to the laptop and putting the laptop on the floor (to use it essentially like a desktop).


Beyond this idea, does anyone have any other ideas?


At Home: 10x12 listening room -> Asus G74Sx laptop -> Windows 10 -> Foobar 2000 (WASAPI output) -> Audioquest Cinnamon USB -> Bel Canto C5i integrated amplifier -> Audioquest Rocket 33 bi-wired speaker cables -> B&W CM9 speakers & B&W ASW10CM subwoofer. At Work: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro -> Windows 10 -> Foobar 2000 (WASAPI output) -> Audioquest Forest USB -> Rotel RA-1570 -> Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables -> Magnepan Mini System.

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