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Plex 0.9.5 excellent sound


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Have just downloaded Plex 0.9.5 beta and while playing with it decided to check if an old bug related to playback of ALAC files had been corrected with the new release. Nor only was it corrected but I also believe the audio engine has been improved an awful lot. I was very pleased with the sound coming out of it, to the point I literally stopped fiddling with settings on Plex and just sit back and played a couple of albums. Boy the sound was nice and tight. Only thing missing is automated sample rate switching.


Has anybody tried it so far?


would be nice to see what others think about this new release.


ML 10.8.1 / iTunes / Audirvana+ >> WireWorld Ultraviolet USB >> Arcam rDAC >> Arcam FMJ A22 >> KEF iQ30 - Van Den Hul Wiring

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0.95 is reforked from XBMC 10.1 "Dharma".

This means a much better underlying media playback engine, and also updated FFMPEG (24bit alac yey!) it's getting there as the old engine was more or less hacked together... but will IMHO never be "audiophile", nor is that the intention.



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