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Hey fellow audiophiles. Are there CDs, vinyl, components, or speakers that you just cannot find anywhere? Have you been looking forever for a certain vinyl reissue that you know is out there somewhere or a first pressing that you know is in someone's basement collecting dust? Order in the next 10 minutes and you'll receive not one, not two, but three ....... Ha Ha Ha only joking about the last sentence.


Let's start a thread about certain items we can't find anywhere. I know the Internet has many of the things we haven't been able to find, but everyone searches in different ways. Plus, if your at a record sale some day you may run across something a fellow audiophile is looking for. How about that Out Of Print original Mili Vanili CD? Even if your looking for an old 60 GB hard drive to test on your music server, let us know as well. Someone probably has one just laying around. Here we go...


I'm looking for these in no certain order:


1. The newest, probably 2007 or 2008, remaster of James Taylor's Sweet baby James on CD. I think I have seen it out of stock somewhere, but I couldn't tell if it was just a placeholder for a future release or what. I believe the vinyl came out in late 2007.


2. The ultra-rare Columbian translucent blue vinyl LP for the Pearl Jam Vs. album (91-474649).


3. Billie Holiday's Songs for Distingué Lovers (VSCD 6021). Can't find it in stock anywhere. Thanks for the suggestion and link SGB! Still haven't found it though :-(


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You'll probably think I'm crazy, but I have several thousand LPs that have not been played in decades, so I am going to give them away. Most of them are classical, but I do have about 900 - 1000 pop, rock and jazz titles too, and most of these are early pressings. No, I am not going to give away valuable collectibles that I can sell for big money on ebay (actually, I have been selling off records on ebay for a few months now, and pulled in about $8K), but I can pretty much guarantee you that since I was anally retentive about the condition of my records that nearly all of them are very close to mint (some of the jackets might be rough, though). You couldn't ask for more: mint records for the cost of shipping (by paypal).


I am not going to post my email address here, but if you are a member in good standing, I am giving Chris permission here to give it to you if you ask. Send me an email then and tell me what you want. These records were purchased mainly between 1962 and 1980. I had pretty much lost interest in pop/rock by the late 70s, so if you're looking for Madonna, Prince, or Brittny Spears, you can hang it up.


Chris, if you have not set yourself up at ebay to receive instant notification that a copy of Distingué Lovers has been listed, you're best-advised to do that. Don't forget to pre-order one at Amazon too. Many people don't know about that option, and I will testify here that it works. My story:


For years I wanted to buy a copy of DCC's gold CD of Nat "King" Cole's Love Is The Thing. These typically sell for about $250 or more on ebay. I got my copy as a result of my Amazon pre-order for $9.99. I contacted the seller to verify that he was, indeed, sending the real McCoy... Yep. The seller was a used CD store in the northeast, and apparently they did not have anybody working there that knew about the value of collectible CDs. I got another DCC collectible for cheap via Amazon, but I forget what it was.




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..... I WEAR the "troutmask" - I've got a pristine copy as well as 'Strictly Personal' (THAT would be a good one for the "Listening to..." sig here....) and well, most of the early stuff.


-- request for your email winging its way to you from Chris soon....




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Another one I've been searching for over the years is Motley Crue, Too Fast for Love released November 10, 1981 on Leathür Records. This is the first vinyl pressing. In the following year Elektra Records picked them up and re-mixed & re-released the album. The Elekra release is easy to find, but the Leathür release is very rare. I've seen it on eBay every so often, but I'm not paying $500 - $1,000 for it :-)


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of a single recording made over the past 50 years that I am looking to find. When I decided to complete my collection by searching for ones I knew would be hard to find, I decided that I would set an upper limit of $400 on any one that I really wanted. Over the past 3 years I have searched for and bid on all of the following or bought them from Amazon sellers. Many more fell just under my search criterion of >$50, so here are the ones I paid lots of money to win. All of the Classics are now worth over $200.


Classic Records CSCD 6012 Rimsky-Korsakov Nikolai Tale of the Tsar Saltan Suite (Op 57) 71.00

Classic Records LSCCD 2449 Gounod Charles Faust (selections) 121.50

Classic Records LSCCD 2313 Various Venice 63.04

Classic Records LDSCD 6065 Various Royal Ballet Gala Performances 326.69

Classic Records CSCD 6026 Borodin Alexander Symphony No. 2 in B Minor 255.00

DCC GZS 1127 Nat “King” Cole: Greatest Hits 69.00

DCC GZS 1119 Nat “King” Cole: The Very Thought Of You 59.99

DCC GZS 1104 Nat "King" Cole: Love Is The Thing $9.99

Classic Records LSPCD 1972 Harry Belafonte Sings The Blues 220.01


BTW, the $9.99 Nat CD is the early one with the hidden bonus track.


BTW #2 for those of you who have expressed an interest in the free LPs, postage and materials cost is $6.18 for up to 4 records — maybe 5 if they're not gatefolds that take up lots of space in the small LP boxes I have. These are first come, first served. So compile your wish lists and get them to Chris.


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"A fool and his money are soon parted."? I know he said something about suckers, but...


As noted a little earlier, I've just begun selectively entering the Jazz titles and have been getting my cover art from Amazon when I can. I'm in the A's right now.


GET A LOAD OF THIS: Go to the Amazon site and search under music for _Ernestine Anderson_.


Now I grant you that to me she is one of the greatest undiscovered jazz singers of the past 50 years, and in vinyl I have nearly every album of hers ever released, most now going for big bucks. In CD, not so many as I wish I had bought. I DO, of course, have her best album (IMHO), and I see a copy of it for sale for $99.99 there. It's CJ-102, Live with Ray Brown at the 1979 Concord Jazz Festival. If there ever was an album worth $99.99, it's this one. Fortunately, I bought my CD copy directly from Carl Jefferson (founder of Concord Jazz), whom I had the pleasure to know personally, and who enabled me to get an autographed copy of this LP several years before he passed away. Ernestine really rocks! I've never heard a better Georgia On My Mind... ever. Oh heck, here's the link to that one (scroll down & read the review I wrote there in 2003)...






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