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Wav vs. Flac and Output settings

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In my preliminary tests, I have tentatively concluded that the best sound usually is achieved by the following:

Win 7: Sound, Device, Advanced, 24 bit, 96K

J River DSP Output settings (output box checked): 24 bit, 96K

WAV format, over FLAC, with both being ripped without compression using DBPoweramp


I would be particularly interested in the results of other readers. I am wondering if a concensus has developed as to the best settings, especially as to whether DSP output settings should be used at all.


My System:

Dell 430 Laptop with Win 7 professional with external 1 TB LaCie Sata drive

Wireworld Platinum USB cable

Stealth Varidig Sextet digital cable (XLR)

Berkeley Audio Design USB converter (AES/EBU)

Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC

Stealth Nano XLR interconnects

Electrocompaniet Monoblocks

Siltech LS188 speaker cables

Magico V2 speakers


I also am wondering if people with high end systems have noticed a significant improvement when switching from a laptop music server to a CAPS V2 server (I am planning on building one).



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