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New to all this, need help with upgrade.

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Hey there guys, I am completely new to this world of awesome audio.


It has been a year or so since I bought a pair of Audio Technica A900 headphones, and a Fiio E7 DAC/amp. I play mostly FLACs from my PC to the E7 to my headphones.


The thing is now I have have free cash that I can spend and thought it would the be the perfect time to upgrade a little.


Now I have been looking into getting a DAC, but for the life of me I cannot choose one. I have also been looking into getting a tube amp, since I have wanted one for a while.


So far I am looking into the following DACs:


- DACport LX

- Schiit Bifrost

- Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1


And these two amps:


- Schiit Valhalla

- Little Dot MK IV Tube amp


Leaning towards the Bifrost and the Valhalla, but if there are any other suggestions it would be great. Also, I don't know about much tube rolling or any of that. Any help is greatly appreciated.


A few more information that I thought would be helpful.


The type of Music I listen to:


- Classic Rock

- Modern Rock

- Alternative Rock

- Indie Rock and a little indie Pop

- Trance

- House

- Electro

- Other electronic music


For now I have the Audio Technica A900, soon I might get a Beyer Dynamic DT880 or DT990; or a Sennhieser HD650; or a Denon D2000.


Again, any help is greatly appreciated.


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