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Ripping CDs to Mac Mini: SuperDrive or via partnering PC laptop?


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I'm considering a Mac Mini w/2 external firewire 800 drives and Pure Music. I currently use a PC laptop with 2 external USB 2.0 drives and iTunes. I currently rip CDs on the laptop through the internal Blu ray drive.


I'm wondering if anyone rips their CDs onto a Mac Mini setup by partnering it with a PC and its optical disk player? Has anyone done a comparison (long shot, I know)? I would rather do without an external Superdrive if there is no discernable difference between the two methods. Mac Minis with built-in CD/DVD drives are becoming scarce and most I've seen for sale won't allow for memory upgrade to 8gb.


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*CARY SLP-05 preamp (Ultimate Upgrade ed.)---> XLR ICs--->

*CLAYTON M-300 amps--->

*MARTIN LOGAN Spire speakers.

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