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Would someone mind giving me some recommended settings for Fidelia Basic?

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I do all volume control via my powered speakers, so I have max volume coming out of my mac. I have a 24/96 but my version of Fidelia doesn't upsample


My questions are:


- In the "general" tab do dither settings even matter? (since i'm not using the volume control)


- In the "output" tab does the converter matter? (since i'm not upsampling)


- In the "advanced" tab do these dither settings matter?


- In the "advanced" tab do these resampler settings matter?




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All of those settings due not matter if you are not using the volume and upsampling features. This is my favorite player even though I really do not like the interface all that much. I sprung for the full version because I wanted the Hog mode (exclusive access). I honestly have never tried it w/o the exclusive access, and so I cannot tell you if it makes a difference or not.



Win10 i9 9900KS/GTX1060 HQPlayer4>Win10 NAA

DSD>Pavel's DSC2.6>Bent Audio TAP>

Parasound JC1>"Naked" Quad ESL63/Tannoy PS350B subs<100Hz

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I have a pretty low end dac (beresford TC-7510) and I wanted to see if I could cheat a bit with upsampling via the izotope resampler. I'm playing with 16/44 up to 24/96


I'm curious what some recommended settings might be with regard to Filter Steepness, Cutoff and Prering?


I've searched and not really found any specific recommendations.









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