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USB cable specs 2C vs 1P?

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I'm moving my system around and changing and reconnecting some cables, including USB cables. I was just looking at the specs on the side of two cables, and wondering if anybody can interpret these numbers. The thicker cable says 28AWG/1P+24AWG/2C, while another thinner cable says 28AWG/2C+28AWG/2C. I understand one cable is thicker because it has some 24AWG wires in it, but what do the first series of numbers mean and what's the difference between 1P and 2C? I looked at a few other cables I have and most are all 28AWG, but some say 1P and some say 2C.


I did a google search and found the post below that says "The higher quality USB cables use 2C instead of 1P for the data line", but I've found no other sources to confirm that, and no explanation about the differences.




Does anybody know anything about these specs and whether one is better for audio or not?




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