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Amarra Mini Users - Is this an Existing Issue or Is It Something I'm Not Doing Right??


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I've been demoing the Amarra Mini working it in Playlist Mode. When I have added my initial batch of selected tracks from iTunes into the Amarra playlist, the Album Artwork shows up in the panel's Artwork window without a problem. However, subsequently, when I select and add additional tracks to the playlist's initial batch, the album artwork not only does not show up for those tracks, but disables the illustration of the album artwork for the initial batch which was fine prior to that.


Is this a current issue with Amarra in "playlist mode" or is there something that I am doing or not doing that would cause the problem?


It's hard for me to conceive of a software that is designed to only permit the illustration of artwork on the initial selection, and then cancel that feature out when adding additional tracks.


Help, Insight is welcomed :)



Always on the learning curve...

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I'm sitting here waiting................. for the upcoming Audirvana version with iTunes integration.


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