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Carmina Burana hi-res - who do we believe??

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OK, so as a piece of music it's weapons'-grade cheese, but so what, Carmina Burana is arguably the greatest workout for your hi-fi, with enough punch to separate a toupée from its wearer.


An acclaimed recent (2007) version is Richard Hickox's Chandos SACD, which is also available as a hi-res DL.


But is it a 24/88 or a 24/96??


The Classical Shop lists Hickox's recording as a package deal: MP3 + "Lossless" + "Studio 24/96".



And good ol' HDtracks list it as a "88kHz/24bit".



Huh?? So which is it - 88 or 96?


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"So which is it - 88 or 96?"


My guess is both.


HDTracks will have had an SACD ripped and converted to PCM for them. The company doing that conversion will have decided to use 88.2 kHz.


The Classical Shop is a division of Chandos, the label of the recording in question. Chandos will have decided to release files at 96 kHz.


Edit: Chris, you beat me to it.



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