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Anyone have the Alpha USB?

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...anyone have the unit in hand? Love to hear your comments.


This forum has been very quiet on this unit since it was finally released. Was it too little and too late? I was expecting jubilation and hosannas from the Alpha DAC owners who have it in hand and have had some time to listen to it.






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in the Serious Stereo room at RMAF. It's not terribly impressive looking, but then, I suppose the impressive bits are supposed to be on the inside.


It's not very heavy, so if you're using a giant power cord or a fire-hose USB cable (like the one in the PFO/SonicWeld/AudioEvo room), you might want to look into getting a weight of some kind.


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I do have it for few days and is connected to MacMini and to Burmester 099 on the other end.

After short listening and not being an expert(I do not really understand musical terminology) can say that it sounds better than M2tech converter.

I can hear the instruments clearer and voices are located more precisely.

I would like to hear what professionals (different than R.Harley )and other users have to say.



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..thanks for that. Always suspected it to be SOTA. I'll have to buy it without audition, hence this caution.

True about Harley but the pressures with getting advertisers and manufacturers on board is a fine line to walk. I respect their work but take it with a grain of salt.. Praitor's (not sure about the spelling) comments concerning J. Valin are accurate and saddening.



Chris, come'on, you have the keys to the candy store...let us in! ;-)




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Chris can't help that you're waiting for his review to buy the unit, if in fact that's what you're doing. And if that *is* what you're doing, wouldn't you want the review to be Chris's usual careful, thorough work, so you have as much information as possible on which to base your decision?


One never knows, do one? - Fats Waller

The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. - Einstein

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....of course I'm hoping to precipitate a response. Our dear leader has all this gear, enough to make us all quite jealous, but the Berkeley owners here have suffered a truly spectacularly delayed introduction. Some haste in looking for some info is not completely unwarranted.




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...but he's certainly twigged my interest in Nola, that's for sure...


Imagine, stereo products just built for a total love of of music.


Not that group of products that has some sorry and obsessive guy in a room going A to B with some set of wires.....or DAC or ? I've been there but no longer!




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