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Siltech Classic Anniversary USB

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Hello guys,

This post will be brief... Was using a basic cable from a well known hi-fi cable company while I let things settle with my new DAC. Heard the Siltech weeks ago with my gear and was immediately pleased with it. But I decided to wait to compare different cables. Was interested in testing the Siltech against the Wireworld Platinum. Never got to get the Wireworld. Lazy distributor here in Canada.


Got my Siltech two days ago. Brilliant results (was already burned-in). Smooth, no more digital edges, no more harshness, event more real, holographic sound. The classics (no pun intended).


BUT hear this.... My wife is not very much into hi-fi... Decided to do an experiment this morning. I played a Vivaldi tracks (2mins) about 5-6 times with the Siltech. Then without telling her, I switched for the other cable. After 10 seconds she complained! What did you do? The sound now gives me headache... What happened?


One more person in the world who can confirm that yes, a USB cable can make a difference!


The difference is subtile (well, not that subtile...), but very real and noticeable.


Too bad I could not compare more cables... But for me the Siltech does it. It's a keeper.


I just wanted to post this so if someone is contemplating the idea of using the Siltech, or need a second option, here it is.




Mac Mini Late 2014 (16G/SSD) w Uptone JS-2 w OWC Thunderbay 4 Mini RAID (JS-2) / Roon

Aqua LinQ w EtherCon cable (Ghent) w Uptone EtherRegen w Uptone JS-2

Aqua Formula xHD w Ocellia RCA Interconnect & Shunyata Delta NR

Kora TB 200 Integrated Amplifier w Audio Art Power Cable

Magico V2 w Ocellia speaker cables w Shunyata Dark Field Elevator & JL Audio E-Sub e110 X 2

All equipment, including subwoofer on Modulum platforms (modulumaudio.com)

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