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New audiophile USB cable

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Im about to buy a small portable headamp like the NuForce uDAC-2.

As it runs directly from your USB output, I also want a better than stock USB cable...


I have been thinking about the AudioQuest Cinnamon or the Wireworld Ultraviolet, anyone can recommend any of them or anything else I should consider?


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It made me realize there must be a difference in USB cables.

Normally I would not think so, because its just 1s and 0s - but as someone stated so did people think about about Coax cables too in the beginning.

And on Coax cables there sure is a difference!

I have even tested a really good Coax up against Denon Link v4 (with Denons official expensive blue DL cable) in a blind a/b test were without any doubt the Coax won.


Back to USB:

Anybody heard the AQVOX Audiophile USB? (http://www.aqvox.de/cable.html)

I just ordered that and a USB-LowNoise Power Supply.


Anybody hear tried that combination on their DAC?

I have a Arcam rDAC with stock PSU (but thinking of getting a SBooster BO2WS PSU for it too).


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If you are worried about RF from the source polluting the DAC via USb, fit a USb cable isolator, they cost from $40 up. You can probably assume the ones rated for medical use work.





What you can be sure of, unless you live in a world inhabited by magic, where the laws of physics do not hold true, is that either of these devices will work better than an overpriced bit of twisted copper that actually offers 0% rejection of RF from source. Cables cannot reject RFI from source, a well shielded one can reduce additional airborne pick up, but that's it.


An active USb isolator placed at the dac end will remove RFI, will break ground loops and noise on the 5v line. There's a lot of money being spent by cable makers to make you think otherwise- but zero data to back up the spurious claims.


I'm aware my viewpoint isn't a popularly held one.


17\"MB-Pro-Weiss 202-Muse 200- NS 1000M

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It is something like this you mean:




One thing I don't seem to understand though, what is the power plug on this PCB for, does the chips get their power from the 5V in the USB signal itself but cut it off for the out going USB line?


If so, then the USB power adapter AQVOX makes http://www.aqvox.de/usb-power_en.html should be a good way to give linear power after the filter, directly in the 5V line and not on the PCB it self.


Am I right or am I wrong??


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I assume the Nuforce takes it's power from the USB connection. if it does then you plug the mac into the usb filter, plug the usb filter into the wall for power and then plug the output into the dac. job done, filtered usb signal ,no noise and power to the dac. All for 45 euros.




17\"MB-Pro-Weiss 202-Muse 200- NS 1000M

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