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Questions about stand-alone dedicated DAC

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I could be completely in the wrong section but didn't really see anything covering D/Ac's specifically...


Anyway my question is this..I really enjoy listening to my music at good volumes bringing out all the notes, I don't have the money to buy lots of equipment, tweeks, etc that I would like but I want to get every drop (actual) out of the sponge.. So a few points on my question about adding a dedicated DAC to my stereo:


Q:Is a DAC normally going to bring more music out of Apple Lossless music files as currently played from a AppleTV ver 1.


Q:Would my system as it stands limit or nullify the reward of a dedicated DAC based on quality of pre & speakers


Q:Would the quality of the DAC I am currently using from my Pre be as good as any DAC I will find used on Audiogon etc for sub $1000.00



I am currently running a Marantz 5003 Reciever, running Main L/R pre-out to an Emotiva UPA-2 via Kimber Kable Hero interconnects, into Martin Logan Motion 12s with Audioquest type 4 speaker cables. The AppleTV is currently running Apple Lossless files direct not streamed via HDMI into the Marantz


Thanks, on my 3rd Q: about my current setup, are there recommendations to come around on the overall idea that are budget worthy..




Marantz 5003 AVR[br]Emotiva UPA-2 Amp to Martin Logan Motion 12 mains[br]Kimber Hero interconnects[br]Paradigm center/sub[br]Paradigm Studio 20 surrounds[br]AppleTV ver.1[br]Hitachi Directors Cut 50 Plasma

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