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Can Apple TV source a 2ch system?


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I have an existing music system consisting of a NAS, MacBookPro + Bryston DAC with iTunes as the music player. I now want to make the music available in another room and had in mind to use AppleTV connected via Toslink to a DAC and feeding into a 2ch amp system, i.e. not a digital AV receiver.


But someone told me today that ATV outputs audio in 5.1 and cannot be fed to a 2ch system. They said I'd have to use Airport Express.


Can anyone confirm that this is true, that ATV cannot be a source for a 2ch system?



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There are two outputs, HDMI and optical. I can't speak for the HDMI, but the optical will do exactly what you want. I use it in my bedroom, where I don't have a tv.


It is better than an airport express in that you can use it as a zone player, i.e., play something different using the ATV2 than what you have playing on your main system.


I use the ATV2 with my first generation Zeppelin. Any other DAC that takes optical in would work fine too.


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Many thanks for confirming that, WGScott. Much appreciated.


And you've added very helpful insight on the ATV vs AirportExpress. I was not aware of that. So each ATV in a home network can be independent zones, each playing their own songs sourced from the iTunes master system, whereas a AE device only plays whatever is being played by iTunes?


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