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changing music room...

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Thinking of changing my main music room. I have read Get Better Sound but would love some feedback here.


Here's the deal now about the room:


13'10" by 14'5" with a sloping ceiling from 11'11" down to 8'9". The speakers must straddle one corner, high ceiling side, as the room serves as a bedroom too.


The possible new room:


13' by 9'5" with a consistent wood beam ceiling of 9'2" between the beams and 8'6" on the beams from the floor. One of the short sides has the entrance to the hallway in one corner but no door. The other short side has two windows and one of the long sides has two windows and the other side has a chimney.




is the room slightly too small for two chairs and the system to move in?

which side would you place the speakers?


Any other thoughts most appreciated.



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If you could post a few pictures, that would help. Alternatively, you can create an illustration with something like Google Sketchup and post it.


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