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Klipsch La Scala Dilemma

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A friend of ours gave a pair of Klipsch La Scalas to a friend of hers some 15 years ago... And is now looking to get them back and transfer them to me. I currently use a pair of Tekton Lores and really like them, but would love to own the La Scalas.


Here's my dilemma: If I take delivery of the La Scalas, they're mine for good, regardless of whether I prefer them over the Lores or not. I can't go and sell them or put 'em out in the garage.


With that in mind, and you were in my shoes, would you just go for it and ultimately sell off the Lores, or stick with the Lores and just stand down on taking the La Scalas?


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I realize this is not an audio-therapy forum, but if this friend is good enough to give you a pair of La Scalas, wouldn't she also be a good enough friend to discuss your dilemma?


You could say how much you appreciate her incredible generosity and that, before taking her up on her offer, because of how seriously you take your audio hobby, you'd like to hear the LaScala's in your room.


A little awkward but (I believe) perfectly reasonable.




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Take the La Scalas if you have the space, appreciate retro and they are in good cosmetic shape. I have owned a pair and they were wonderful. I am not familiar with the Lores that you have but there is a reason people still want La Scalas after all these years. If you are into tweaking at all, there are all sorts of available plug and play changes you can make to the speakers and their crossovers. Klipsch has a large and active online forum that discusses the merits of various changes, etc.


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