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Blowing Tweeters - do I have this concept?

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Read some of the very disturbing comments about the ability to blow tweeters with Windows based system. I am building a set of line arrays that have $5000 worth of tweeters in them. Granted they are repairable but who wants to do that.


So, let me ask some questions to make sure I got this right. Perhaps I am grabbing onto just one person's thoughts so I would appreciate a concensus (if one is possible between a group of audiophiles).


- the suspected cause if loss of the clock

- the white noise is probably DC output

- a properly designed dac would mute at loss of clock sync and prevent DC output

but I don't really know if a dac actually has this feature

- loss of sync typically happens when trying to do other things at the same time as listening to music

but some people experienced this doing "nothing"

- this doesn't happen with Mac based systems - maybe they manage resources better


So, if I have this right so far, I have some more questions;


- is this problem also related to the playback software?

- is there capacitor or fuse protection that can be implemented to protect tweeters?

I will be using an in-line cap already to protect tweeters from freq less than ~800Hz

- does the output method matter - USB vs firewire vs AES



I currently have an XP based system with AES16 running JRiver but I cannot afford to finish these speakers and blow the tweeters. I will be running out of the computer to the DEQX HDP processor.


Sorry for the ramble.





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Hi Chris - Your concern is well placed. Most of your statements are correct. However, I have never seen this happen when someone is just listening or "doing nothing." For pure piece of mind the Mac can't be beat.


The problem is unrelated to playback software as far as I know. I've heard of this happening with several applications. I'm not sure about the output interface. It seem like people around here have heard of this on many interfaces.


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