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Itunes : Change files music directory (Without Itunes media)


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I use Itunes and Amarra with a MacMini.

In the MacMini I have a full 500go SSD disk of files music.

Outside I have an Network Storage with 300go of music.


I don't use the option of Itunes to copy all my music in the directory ItunesMedia.


I would like to transfert my network storage music files to a new USB SSD disk. How to change the directory ?



thank you,citi


MacMini SSD 500go / Amarra 2.3 / Weiss DAC 202 / Classé Audio CP700 & CA 2200 / B&W 802D / Furutech TP609 Power ref III / Ecosse The Myth Pro / Cardas Golden Cross speaker /

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