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ASIO vs Wasapi on Essence STX


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I've been experimenting with ASIO and Wasapi settings on Jriver 14 with mixed results.


My current setup is Essence STX line out -> Rega Brio-R -> Monitor Audio Rx1. I also have Essence STX -> HD650 for headphones.


Observations of my experience with ASIO are that the sound overall seems slightly quieter than Wasapi, but most tracks sound more refined and cleaner - I definitely prefer this sound on female vocal tracks.


Wasapi on the other hand seems to enhance the volume on certain instruments or sections of a track, I guess it almost sounds like it's equalising the volume, so all parts of the track sound the same. This is in contrast to ASIO where some sections of the song can seem a lot quieter than others. Some songs I feel sound slightly more musical than ASIO, switching from Wasapi to ASIO can make the track sound a little less interesting or intense.


I've also compared both Wasapi and ASIO to direct sound, finding ASIO to be completely different to Direct, but I'm finding it difficult to notice a great deal of difference between Wasapi and Direct.


Has anyone else has a similar experience, or could I perhaps have something set up wrong?


I'll be looking at purchasing a Rega DAC in the near future, and would like to decide on a preferred output by then. But right now I'm finding it difficult to choose...



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