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Rega RS1

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I wanted to get an integrated amp and set of bookshelf speakers to replaced the powered audio engines. My budget was 2k and there was some debate as to whether or not I could improve the sound.


I went with the following equipment.


1. I picked up the new Rega Brio-R integrated amp.



2. Replaced the AudioEngine 5 (A5) speakers with Rega's RS-1 bookshelf speakers.



I came in at roughly $1700 for both components combined.


I listened to the newish James Blake album and this is when I new my upgrade was way beyond satisfactory. My ears did not struggle to figure out if the sound was better. This was hifi!


I'm very pleased with Rega. The quality of the components is high and they are priced at a value.


Highly recommend both the integrated and the speakers listed above.


Update: Changed the title of the thread and moved into Speakers. It's more relevant here than in the General forum.



MAC Mini>Vlink USB TO S/PDIF>Music Hall 25.3 DAC> Rega Brio-R Integrated Amp> Rega RS1 Bookshelf Speakers

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I have recently bought a full Rega system and love it to bits. I have the RS3 speakers. I have the Brio-R, its fantastic for the money and the phono stage is excellent too.


Rega are on a roll at the moment and long may it continue.


I'm glad your happy with your setup.


Mac Min : Audirvana : Audiophilleo 2 : Rega DAC : Brio-R : RS3 speakers.

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I'm very happy with the Rs1 speakers. I've been listening to them for several months now and I've never once thought about adding a sub. The music sounds quite crisp. I mainly listen to high quality mp3s from my Mac Mini.


I added Pro-Ject Debut III turntable earlier in the week. When listening to vinyl, I did think to myself that I wish I had a bass control knob but never an actual sub.


I am very pleased with my setup. You really can't go wrong with Rega equipment.




MAC Mini>Vlink USB TO S/PDIF>Music Hall 25.3 DAC> Rega Brio-R Integrated Amp> Rega RS1 Bookshelf Speakers

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thanks for your comments. I have to say that I also have really been tempted to get a Rega RP1 TT as I'm using a vintage technics that I like but could definitely be improved upon. The phono stage on the brio-r is truly excellent and makes this amp an even better value.


If I may ask, what stands do you have the RS1's on and what height?


Thanks again




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i was very close to getting the rs1's having auditioned them at my local dealer. the clarity and the tweeter was nothing ive ever experienced in my life! granted i havent been in the hi fi game for too long. ultimately the poor low end was the deal breaker for me. even though i dont listen to that much bass heavy music or crank it up all that loud, i heard substantial distortion when the volume was at a moderate level.


I dunno, does anyone else notice this as well?



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