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Wavelength Proton + Audez'e LCD2

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Hi All,

My Wavelength Proton is arriving in a few days and I'm planning to head down to Alo audio in Portland to audition some headphones. The Audez'e LCD2 sounds very interesting. I've heard the midrange described as "Zu-like", which says a lot. I have a pair of Zu Omens that are fast becoming the most listened-to speakers in the house.


Has anyone heard the LCD2s with the Wavelength Proton?



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Make sure you get the LCD2 rev2 which is the latest version. Better drivers etc. I recently sold my Tesla T-1's because these are just the best headphone I've ever heard. I power mine with a Cavalli Liquid Fire amp which is incredibly amazing on its own.


One of the guys over at HeadFi has the LCD and Brick. Loves them. He is using Woo WA22 amp.


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