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Cannot get access to DAC for auditioning need some opinions/advice PLEASE.


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Hi I have been following CA for some time and people that post here seems to make the most sense to me, so here goes.


I have been looking at getting a DAC for my system (macbook pro with audirvana + primare I32 and vivid v1.5). My conundrum is that the local shops dont have the DAC's I want i.e Bryston bda-1/benchmark dac-1.


If anybody is familiar with my components can you please advise if possible whether I am going the right way.


Cheers from sunny South Africa


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I am not familiar with your components but I use a Macbook and have heard the Bryston and owned the Benchmark. I thought the Bryston was a bit more musical than the Benchmark with a slight tilt up in the treble. As for distributors of dacs in SA, a simple search brought this info:

Bryston: http://www.aeolian.co.za/Products.htm


And here is a list of distributors to search through to see what is available. Maybe a nice email and credit card would secure an in home audition with return privileges. Then again for relatively low cash to possible risk is the used market.






And here is the Benchmark Dealer: http://www.audiotweak.co.za/


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