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MacBook audiophiles' tips


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I'm running a late 2008 white MacBook for my music server connected to a fw 400 hdd. I am novice when it comes to CA but I am coming to appreciate the craft thanks to sites like this.


Many people in this community are Mac mini users but often the great tips provided aren't as relevant. e.g power, batteries or screen noise issues, possibly heat are different issues for us laptop users.


I was wondering if anyone would like to share their tips specifically for laptop hardware when trying to obtain audiophile SQ?






Rega Brio-R, Calyx Coffee, Monitor Audio, MacMini Server (intel) 2011

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set the display to shut down as quickly as possible. I have done some primitive "measurements" on RF transmission, and having the display off definitely reduces it.

On the other energy saver settings, it is advisable to set everything to "never". Then all the usual Mac tweaks apply, search other threads for those (turn off Spotlight, Finder, etc).


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I try to take the wireless out of the equation to reduce noise and use the apple remote myself.


I was wondering if it is better to run on battery power that have the magsafe cable plugged in or whether there is another power cable (perhaps cryo-treated) that can be used?


Rega Brio-R, Calyx Coffee, Monitor Audio, MacMini Server (intel) 2011

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