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Questions about Arcam rDAC

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I have had my Arcam rDAC for quite some time now and think is a really good contender for a reasonably price.

But Im wondering if it could be even better...


First up, I would love to be able to play 192KHz files, but as Im doing it now thats just not possible, USB only allows up to 96KHz.


Question 1)

Thinking about buying a M2Tech HiFace USB-to-coax converter/external clock to first of all archive that - but would it also sound better or worse than the asynchronous USB interface at lower resolutions?


I have it connected to the rest of my system via Van Den Hul The Second structural electric conducting carbon cables.

They are astonishing in suppressing hum or noise and in general improves your SNR.


Question 2)

Would it make give me an cleaner and more lively sound if I added a better power supply, now when I already have RCA leads that suppress noise very well?

...or would it only change marginally because of that?

Specifically thinking about getting one of these



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