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2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 3 weeks!

Alan B

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Anyone going this year? I live 5 minutes from the venue, so no excuse for me not being there. What are some things you want to check out this year? Anything on your must see/hear list?


Does not seem to be a seminar listing as of this date.




Alan B

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around at RMAF this year. Looking forward to hearing Estelon Speakers, and Vitus electronics (love Vitus...).

Chris: I do not see Constellation listed, do you know who they are demoing with, perhaps Magico, or??? I'd like to put them on my list to hear.


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You must live very close to where I used to wreck havak as a teenager. ;-) I used to live close to the Tech Center there and my first professional job was in the Tech Center there.


I'm going to RMAF, and plan to see friends, family, and all the cool gear, and listen to some fabulous systems.



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I live in Denver so I plan on attending again this year but it will be a bit limited due to other commitments, unfortunately.



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I wont be there but would someone in attendance . . . take a look and listen to ESS speakers and tell me if they image well. I was a fan back in the day but always knew they had some imaging issues unless they were set up correct. ESS AMT Classic.



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