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Tracks Wanted: DSD and hi-def (176/192/384) for comparisons

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Howdy CA readers! Here's the ask:


I have a DAC capable of DSD playback coming in and I wanted to compare that playback (which req's a special driver) with playback via the "normal" USB connection (no driver). In addition, I wanted to compare that DSD playback with non-DSD playback on a different DAC. So, what I need is the same track, one in DSD and one in some high def format that's 176kHz or higher.


Suggestions very welcome!


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I have a couple of really nice HRX discs from RR. They're just great. But not sure where I can get DSD rips to compare, and sadly, buying the discs and the PS3 and doing it myself is beyond my interest level. LOL.


I guess what I'm looking for is some commercially available downloads of DSD files (there just aren't that many!) that also have high-res versions available. Preferably the same tracks (same mastering, &c), but just different formats.


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I'd say one good starting point are 2L's recordings made in DXD. With those the playing ground is at least somewhat level.


Otherwise best comparison would be a recording that has been done in parallel in both DSD and PCM formats[1], but there are practically no such recordings commercially available.


[1] For example with Pacific Microsonics and Grimm Audio converters.



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They have samples for free.


2L has also their free hires sample set in various formats, from 96/24 stereo to 5.1 channel DXD (unfortunately 5.1 channel DSD missing).


What I was trying to say is to find some material where one could actually compare PCM and DSD in a somewhat equal way. Closest to this, that is currently available, is DXD recording.


There's fair amount of material originally recorded in DSD and then converted to hires PCM. And fair amount of material originally recorded in PCM and then converted to DSD for SACD. These are not exactly equal comparisons.


Recording format should be something that can show both formats on at their best. DXD is not perfect for the purpose, but closest and originally invented for the purpose of mastering both hires PCM and DSD from the same recording, fairly close to the "native". Still doesn't match pure DSD, that's why I said best would be parallel recording of the same material with best PCM and best DSD gear...



Signalyst - Developer of HQPlayer

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Yes, this is precisely the problem I was hoping to solve -- single source material available commercially in two formats, preferably mastered in a way that maximizes the sound quality of both.


I'll check both Blue Coast and 2L. Anyone have any recommendations on good stuff at either site that they think would do well for such a comparison?


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selections are actually taken from the DSD, once Cookie masters to DSD from her original 1/2" tape. So it's not really like my DVD-Audio or DVD-Rom examples (analog tape to PCM or to DSD; or Todd's recorded digitally in the field, then sent to 24/176 AND DSD).




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Japanese boutique audiophile label NKB has two classical releases which includes the SACD and an additional DVD-ROM with DSD and PCM (192/24) versions of part of the SACD issue. Not cheap however but highly collectible.





They have been recorded on Korg DSD recorders and include DSD 5.6 Mhz samples and in some cases both DSD sample rates and variable microphone positions.


In a number of other cases, i.e Chesky 192/24 recordings and Reference Recordings 176/24 they have gone from PCM recording sources converted to DSD and released on SACD (also surround). You can acquire both in stereo and compare. Much as I like DSD, PCM is best heard unconverted to DSD in my view.


Kent Poon had DSD files for download for comparison against his Audiophile Prologue III 192/24 digital audio release. Dont know if they are still online.


One of the high resolution MA Recordings, Sera Una Noche comes with bonus (converted from PCM) DSD files on the DVD-ROM. A fabulous audiophile recording.



What we really want however is a musical performance simultaneously recorded on multiple recorders at their native rate and not transcodes upsamples and downsamples. Any one smart enough to do this could sell a really useful test disc.


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