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Need help switching between speaker and headphone output with M-Audio Firewire Solo


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I use Cakewalk Music Creator 3 for some basic home recording. I purchased new monitor speakers, and put a Firewire Solo interface to work.


The Firewire Solo is installed, and I get playback to it from Cakewalk. However, the playback is to both the speakers and the headphones. I need an easy way to switch to headphones-only output for when I record, but don't see a way to do it. I can unplug the headphones or speakers every time, but I'm sure that's not the way :-)


On the device I have:

Headphones in the audio jack in front

Microphone in the mic jack in front

Speakers plugged in the "balanced line outputs" at the back


Nothing in the "S/PDIF" output.


In the firewire control, mixer tab I have:


sw 1/2 rtn column - get sound (to speakers & headphones) if I depress the "1/2" button

spdif rtn - no impact if I press anything

ana 1/2 in - no impacts

spdif in - no impacets


Nothing else seems to have much of an effct.


In Cakewalk/Audio Options - under Audio Options/General:

Playback Timing Master: 1. FW SOLO 1/2

Record Timing Master: 1: FW Solo 1/2

Audio Options/Drivers:

Input Drivers: FW Solo 1/2

Output Drivers: FW Solo 1/2












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