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Looking for Audiophile & Business Angel


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Perhaps a strange posting but anyway I have to try it. I have developed a new product, suitable for audiophiles but also a much broader market. There is a working prototype and a fully argumentated businessplan, projected net profit is very healthy. I need funding to start-up production & marketing, about $ 850k. I have two choices, finding a business angel / informal investor or working together with an existing high end audio manufacturer. I prefer the first approach for several reasons, especially financially. I am a 38 years experienced entrepreneur with 2 succesful and 1 less succesful start-ups on my name.


The reason that I am on this forum is because someone who wants to invest needs to have at least a feeling with this market. So, if you are an entrepreneur / investor, or if you know someone who is and knows this market, please let me know.


Looking forward to some respone.




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