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Musical Fidelity V-DAC MKII and Shiit Bifrost

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I know the V-DAC MKII is brand new and the Bifrost is still not released but these are the two DAC's I'm keeping my eye on to mate up with a new desktop I'm building. The computer will be for storing my digital photos and HD videos, but most importantly will be for storing/playing my hi res music.


Assuming these two DAC's meet sound quality expectations, which would you think is a smarter buy based on the published specs? I want to stay at $350 so I would opt for the Bifrost without USB. My motherboard has built-in optical out and I would initially use that connection. The V-DAC MKII could use either the motherboard's onboard optical or USB since V-DAC MKII has asynchronus USB built-in.


In terms of upgrading the signal chain, in the future it could make sense trying a nice USB to SPDIF converter with the Bifrost (Hiface EVO, etc). Don't know how much of an improvement one would make with the V-DAC MKII since it appears to have V-Link already built-in. Either might benefit by adding an internal sound card with better SPDIF connection, i.e. E-MU 1212M. Regardless, in choosing the V-DAC MKII vs Bifrost I would like to consider peripheral upgrades - interface, power supply, etc.


Thoughts? Thanks!


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Hi jumper,


I have the original V-dac and I'm very satisfied with it; I use it with an Audio-Gd usb-coax converter. I think for the price the newer version will probably be as well as one can do. But that's just a guess as I haven't done comparisons.


I asked the folks at Schiit a bunch of questions, and they're adament about the fact that coax is the way to go. I asked them about using a usb/spdif converter with their unit and they still insisted that straight spdif is best. So... For what that's worth.


MF had a power supply upgrade available for the V-dac, I don't know if they still do. As to using a soundcard with either, perhaps the Schiit to give you a genuine coax out, I don't see any point for the V-dac. But I think there are other things like software and tweaking your pc/Mac for best audio performance that you should probably consider first.





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I have a new V-DAC II -- but I dont understand what integer mode is and how to test it-- can you please explain?


Steve Goldband[br]Homebrew Windows 7 music server[br]JR Media Center Version 17[br]Schiit Audio Bifrost DAC [br]Emotiva UMC-1 pre-pro[br]Emotiva XPA-2 Amplifier[br]Paradigm Signature S8\'s[br]REL R-328 Subwoofer[br]Stock power cords[br]12 Gauge Romex copper wiring to the breaker panel[br]10 Gauge copper speaker wire

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Hi Steve,


This is a mode available in a few OSX players. I see you are using J.River/Windows 7 so it is N/A. I should have noticed your equip. profile and realized this. I use both Mac and Windows computers and still am interested in your Win 7/J.River experience [we have 2 running this setup]. I look forward to any other input you can provide as you seem to be one of the first to receive the new MkII V-DAC as this is a very exciting, low cost new dac.


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