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Speaker stands for JBL Control 5

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Hello and thanks for the opportunity.


I am the proud owner of an AudioLab 8200CD and 8200A. I also own a pair of JBL control 5 speakers but I need some speaker stands to raise the speakers off the floor.


I simply don't know where to begin with this. I have seen some speaker stand by Atacama but that is all. I am aware that JBL has two small products to allow the Control 5s to be hung on the wall but I don't believe I want to go with this option due to the inflexibility it provides and I have doubts about the effectiveness of this solution. I don't know if the walls in the house can support the speakers, not because they are heavy but rather I believe it will have a negative impact on the sound quality.


Could one of you please let me know your thoughts on this? I would be very appreciative of any and all answers.


Thanks again for your time, I sincerely appreciate it.


Kind Regards



Best Regards[br]Alex

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