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As I plot my way to Music Server Nirvana I want to place the computer outside the listening room, snake the firewire cable into my DAC and then control the computer wirelessly with some type of remote. Presently, I am thinking iPod Touch. I understand there is a free app which allows you to remotely control iTunes.


Any experience with this combination for a remote or any other suggestions for a remote will be appreciated.




Lee Estes


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Hi Lee - The iPod Touch with Remote app is certainly one viable option. The best option, if you're willing to spend the money in this recessionary time, is to use a laptop with remote desktop or screen sharing. This allows full access to change the audio midi settings on a Mac and access to everything on a PC as well. The iTouch is good, but has it's limitations.


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No - the Touch will not download the library. It will join the wireless network and access the library.

The Touch is just another computer on the network with the ability the control a program (iTunes) on another

computer on the same network.






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