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volume control in iTunes...


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As explained by Benchmark, the new versions of iTunes (after 7.X) must be used with the maximum resolution of the audio hardware connected to the computer and it is possible, without any degradation, to control the audio output with the iTunes slider !... Then, I connected my DAC outputs directly to my amplified loudspeakers, avoiding any interface, preamp or passive and I use the Remote app of my iPhone to remotely control iTunes.


Unfortunately the range and the min available doing like this are not adapted. Moreover, with Internet Radios the min remains very very loud since the sensitivity of my amplified loudspeakers is very high, i. e. near -6 dB to get 100 dB SPL !...


Is there any digital preamp (hardware or... software !) we can use between the digital out of the MBPro and the external DAC to control the volume in a larger range and with very low levels for max attenuation ?


TIA for any suggestion !...


My Best,



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