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iTunes Music Folder Location

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By default, the iTunes musc folder is placed in "My Music". My (limited) understanding is that this is where iTunes places the music you import into your library, whether copied from another file or ripped from a CD.


Is there any reason/benefit to changing this file to another location? If so, why?




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Hi, catastrofe.


Only if you move it to another hard drive. It matters little where it's stored if everything is on one drive, but if you can move your data to a separate hard drive then you should do so. It is always better to have the system/program files and your data files on different hard drives. For example, if iTunes needs to read/write from its program folder at the same time as it's streaming a tune, it's much easier for it, and the OS, to do this from separate hard drives and across separate data buses, than from the same hard drive.


One drive does two operations or two drives do one each.:)


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Could someone help with more specific info on how to put the music folder in a separate location?


Problem: my iTunes library is at 60GB, and I have barely begun to rip everything I have on CD. My HD is only 160G, and almost full.


Is there a way to transfer the data to an EXT HD, and have it be part of the iTunes library on the main HD, or should I just set up the data folder on the EXT HD?


Will ITunes be able to find it?


Another problem is that the HD in question (La Cie) is noisy when it is spinning.


Thanks for you help.



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Hi Guys - This is interesting. I can't find the Consolidate Library option anymore. I was going to suggest following Tim's suggestion to move the music folder location through the preference pane then use the consolidate library function to move the music. Maybe the act of moving the music folder within iTunes now moves the music as well.


Anyone know for sure?


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