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Burning the Beatles


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Hello, my first post here and I am starting with a few questions regarding the The Beatles USB files. I should like to burn copies of each album to disc. The files are in 24/44.1, which means that I either need to create DVD-A discs or upsample to 48K and create DVD-V discs. To this end...


1. Is it best to burn in the native resolution, or are there programs available that will remain transparent when upsampling is engaged, so that the 44.1 files can be turned into 48K files for burning to DVD-V discs? If so, what are these programs?


2. If I am best suited burning DVD-A discs, what is the best reasonably priced program available?


3. Do I need to convert the FLAC files to WAV files before using any DVD creating program, or are there programs that provide conversion and burning capabilities? Is there a preferred package for converting the FLAC files to WAV files?


Thanks in advance for all replies.


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Hey Kimo, welcome here.


Why do you want to burn these files do disc ? If this is for backup reasons, make a data disc for it. Either format will do, as long as it is data. In that case you won't be dependent on errorneous bit reading etc. Not now, and not when you'd need to rip them back to disc or USB etc.


On that matter you can store them on a hdd as well (instead of burning them to an optical disc).





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Hi Peter, I likely will be moving everything over to a server at some point, but for now I wanted to take advantage of my higher end DVD-A rig. I have a number of SACDs and DVD-Audio discs that need to migrate, but I am unaware of anything that will allow me to load them to one player while maintaining their full native resolution. Ideally, I would like a setup that can be accessed wirelessly via an Ipad, and allow me to utilize and outboard dac. Thanks.


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