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Protecting iTune Tags

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I’m using Tiger OS and iTunes with my library on a 750GB Seagate EHD and use SuperDuper! to smart copy my library onto another Seagate EHD. My goal, in case of theft, fire or whatever, is to have a secure copy of our music library with its tags.


I know how to make a copy of our tag’s Music Library.xml file. If I have a need to use the copy, I guess I would delete the original on my Mac’s HD and replace it with the copy. I don’t know if this is all there is to it but I’m thinking the tag file is constantly updated and would not synch completely with the backed up music library if any changes had been made since the last library backup. I’m fairly new with iTunes and have already had one smart copy backup in which a few tag links were corrupted – though I’m not sure why.


I would think the solution would be for both the Music Library.xml and music library files to be on the primary EHD and that my smart copy back-up would simply make a mirror image of the synched library and tag files. If something happened to my main EHD, I would then replace it with my back up and I’m still in business. However, I don’t know if it is possible to maintain the tag library on an EHD. I haven’t found anything helpful online and any advice will be greatly appreciated.





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