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Artisanal recordings made by engineer Ira Norman Segall blending audiophile techniques with outstanding musical artists

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Unipheye Music is very proud to announce some new releases which are available for download in a selection of multiple file formats and priced accordingly. They are also available as 24 Karat-Gold 300 Year Archive-Grade Studio-Burnt CD-R discs, playable on any disc player, with full cover-art and liner-notes.


You may also listen to these releases as our SMRD - Studio Master Reference Disc - Ultra High-Resolution, studio quality master .wav files of each of our current titles available in either 32Bit/96kHz and 32Bit/192kHz or 24Bit/96kHz and 24Bit/192kHz, that will be mailed to you on archival-gold DVD-R data-only discs, ready for you to upload to your computer or computer music server for playback through your sound system.


These are very unique original master recordings of extremely interesting and unusual music. This is quite the antithesis of the resurrection of decades old symphonic master tapes from the shelves of the vault; they are fresh, new, organic recording sessions of fabulous music from wonderfully talented contemporary artists.


Audiophiles and musicphiles, alike, have been very satisfied. We are very happy with what we have to offer, as well as what is to come: Classical Music, Semi-Acoustic Alternative Jazz, Straight-Ahead Jazz & World Music. Our excitement is electric and very contagious.


The Mendelssohn & Debussy String Quartets album has been awarded the Blue Moon Award from Six Moons. Also, the Camden Shaw Cello Solo will a must-have for the many enthusiasts and collectors of cello literature. Please do not miss Camden Shaw's interpretation of the Kodály Sonata for Cello Solo from this album. It might transport you to another consciousness.


Our journey continues, thanx to you...


come explore and listen to many samples at http://www.unipheyemusic.com





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