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Daber Monitor 3

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So just ordered custom rounded cabinets in maple - will report back if anyone gives a - these could be the proverbial $1 K - sounds like $ 10 K speakers. So now I have to wait 10 days while they are built to my specs. Line up!


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I've actually got them hooked up right now. I'm pretty happy with them as far as an initial power up is concerned. I didn't tell you, and I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty to give you an upgrade (or several). I'm playing with the crossovers for the Monitor 3 Signature Edition. I have basically put the upgraded midrange circuit in your pair. It uses parts of the same value, but just higher end. I'm using Jantzen's top of the line capacitors in them. They sound pretty damn nice so far, and they've got about an hour on them.





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I have now had the Daber Monitor 3's for two weeks and have had a chance to do some critical listening. I have the rounded cabinets in maple that Steve provides for a small extra fee. They are gorgeous with very high end carpentry work! The first thing that will strike you is the deep, tight bass for such a relatively small speaker. I doubt anyone but the most avid bass fan will see the need for a subwoofer in a two-channel setup. The mids are very satisfying and the highs are clear and precise. Vocals are rendered in a very natural fashion. The soundstage competes with the best. My wife, who is very musically inclined, even prefers them over my Acoustic Zen Adagios. A very different speaker and a matter of taste, but still high praise from a very musical person. I love them both for different reasons. To say that I am pleased with the results would be an understatement. In summary I think this must be one of the best values in speakers out there and they are made in the USA by a small entrepreneurial company. Give them a try - you will not be disappointed!


As a side note the speaker stands for the Volla speakers fit as if made for these speakers (rounded) - got them from MSS HIFI at a decent preice. Steve is planning on making stands for them as well in the near future.




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