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What digital connection to use between Bryston BDP-1 and Bryston BDA-1

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I will be receiving this combo later in the week and I am curious as to which type of cable (BNC or AES) and brand people are using between their BDP-1 and BDA-1.


I will also love to hear general recommendations on possible digital cables to try. I have not had to use a digital ic in a very long time and I am not current on what's what.


This Bryston combo will be replacing a Modwright Transporter. You can see the rest of my system here:








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Thanks for the positive comment Chris. I enjoy the system and believe that this change to my digital front end will make things even better.


Would you happen to have a favorite AES/EBU cable that you recommend?


When I talked to Bryston they thought either connection would work well and that different reviewers preferred one over the other and that there wasn't a consensus.






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