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Optical to RCA Converter

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Can anyone recommend a good converter from optical to RCA digital? I know odd but I have some older equipment that only has RCA input that I am trying to pair with newer that only has optical output. Any advise greatly appreciated! Cheers!


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Reasonable unit for around $60-$70. In fact I have two, one of which I may no longer need, so if interested in a used one, PM me. Or if you'd prefer a new one, I got mine at Guitar Center, and I imagine there are several other places where they're available.


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If there are any Aussies reading this that know which end of a soldering iron is which,and have a similar requirement, or perhaps need RCA to Toslink instead. then check out the link below.








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Thanks again guys! I did a little more surfing when I realized that ideally I wanted to hook up four different sources with optical and RCA connectors to one digital input (old Bose) and found this handy solution on e-bay. Could come in handy if you want to expand input possibilities for your DAC as well.


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