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Need comments on my DAC setup please

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I just bought the TC Impact Twin as a DAC for my MacBook Pro. It is being fed via iTunes (optimized settings) through FireWire to the TRS outs and the balanced XLR inputs on my Anthem 225. From there things are fed to two paradigm studio 20's on stands via high guage wire and 2 paradigm dsp subs (fed in stereo with individual cables running out of the prelude on my amp).


So question.


1. Everything has power bars etc., but I am wondering if this is a decent setup? Any suggestions on tweaking? The speakers are equal distances apart and the subs are beside the speakers, placed to the outside--everything is toed in slightly.


2. Any advice on the TC impact twin? It was eithier that or the Cambridge DacMagic (still not to late to exchange, but I cannot audition the DacMagic)


3. What are the optimal settings on the TC impact twin. Specifically I want to know how high to set the output dial??? Should it be maxed and I then use the volume on the amp? Currently I have the TC set to 3/4 full output--seems to be a cleaner signal that way?


I find the bass a bit hard to tweak but I really like stereo subs and think I'd be hard pressed to get the bass I have from two towers.


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