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Recommendations from a few genres

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Instead of making multiple threads I figured I'd make a thread with a lot of the bands I've been listening to, from a varied amount of genres.

I'm going to go in alphabetical order so I don't accidentally forget someone. I'm only really listing bands that aren't known by many people (at least as far as I'm aware).


Layout = "Band name - genre. small description."



• A Perfect Circle - Alternative/Rock. Singer of Tool created this band. They've got a lot of good slower stuff


• Basshunter - Techno (in Swedish and English). Very interesting lyrics, a lot of which pertain to gamers or people who spend a lot of time on computers


• Brasstronaut - Indie? I'm not really sure what genre they fit in, but damn are they good. Main instruments are usually piano and trumpet, drums and guitar less often. Very slow music with very hard-hitting lyrics. Quite unknown as far as I'm aware, but you can find their music for sale online (Amazon I think, and their website).


• City and Colour - Acoustic/Indie. Dallas Green (his name is where the band name came from.. Get it?) is the guitarist, pianist, and I believe back-up vocalist of Alexisonfire. He is an amazing singer, and is amazing with a guitar. Very strong, often sad, lyrics.


• Cold - Rock. A lesser known but very talented rock band. I think they had a few hits, but weren't ever too popular. Great lyrics, some range in genre from heavier to very slow.


• From Autumn To Ashes - Heavy rock, some acoustic. Mixes clean vocals and screaming in a way that I can actually enjoy (it's difficult to find a screamer I can tolerate). Has some amazing slow songs as well as faster songs.


• Gogol Bordello - Pirate/Gypsy Punk. Very strange band. I've yet to hear an amazing quality recording from them, but if you want some different music that'll make you want to dance around, this is it.


• Iron and Wine - Acoustic/Indie. Similar in ways to City and Colour. Great singer, great guitar, great lyrics. He uses similes and metaphors in almost all his songs, and the result can be a little hard to fully grasp sometimes.


• Mad Caddies - Ska, Punk. A really fun ska band that's lesser-known with entertaining lyrics.


• MGMT - Psychedelic Rock, Indie. A VERY different band. Mixes 60's and 70's sounds with new age stuff. Their music is usually accompanied with some trippy music videos and lyrics that tell some good stories.


• Mumford and Sons - Uhhh...? I have no idea what genre they are. They have a twangy sound on top of a melodic rock. Wikipedia call them "British Folk Rock". Great lyrics, great sound. Definitely try them out. Songs like "The Cave" and "Little Lion Man" got sort of popular, but I like "White Blank Page" and other lesser known songs.


• Muse - Alt, progressive, space, indie rock. I assume many people have heard of Muse already, but for those of you that haven't I'd definitely suggest you try them out if you're into their type of music. Great lyrics coupled with amazingly put together songs. "Muscle Museum" is one of my favorite songs by them that isn't well known.


• MxPx - Punk, Pop Punk. Their name was originally "Maximum Plaid" but MxPx stuck after putting it on the cover of an album. Fun lyrics with some great bass riffs :). Give them a listen. Their older stuff is more punk, while their newer stuff is more pop punk.


• Oceansize - Space Rock, prog rock. Very interesting sound. I've heard they're more popular in Europe, but I have yet to meet more than three people in the US that listen to them so far haha. Their song "Music for a Nurse" is the most popular I believe.


• Staind - Acoustic all the way to screamo. Most people know Staind for songs like "Outside", "It's Been awhile" and similar, but not many people know they have a heavy, dark side. Even if you've listened to a few of their popular songs, give them some more time.


• The Arkhams - Rockabilly, Psychobilly. I found this band through a game (WET) and I really enjoy them. Fast paced and gets you moving with lyrics and a vocalist that remind me somewhat of Elvis. Definitely a band that deserves more light.


• Thornley - Rock. Their song "Beautiful" is semi-popular but I don't think it was ever on the radio. As far as I'm aware they've only got one album out. They aren't too original sounding, but they're good.


• Thrice - Rock, Acoustic, Space Rock, more... Thrice has an amazing array of music. Listen to at least 6 or 7 songs off different albums before you judge them.


• Wintersun - Melodic Death Metal. One of the only metal bands I can say I like listening to. The writer, Jari Maenpaa, is a perfectionist. He's been working on his second album "Time" for over 10 years now, trying to get it perfect. Even if you're not a huge fan of metal, listen to this band. The melodic part shines through in most of their songs, and the average length is 8 minutes. The singer screams, but it's more of a growl, and you can understand every carefully chosen word he says. A little story about them: I did a project in my guitar class my junior year of high school about Jari. We were only allowed to play up to 1 minute of music so the class could hear what the band was like. My music teacher got so into it, the song played for 3 minutes while he had his eyes closed and was "conducting" the music with his hand. They're a VERY talented group of people, and this proves it. My teacher dislikes this genre usually, but he was entranced by Wintersun.



That's it for now. Let me know what you guys think and who you've heard of. Thank you for taking the time to read through it all.







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